14 November 2021: Clary_Cam1 Replaced

Clary_Cam1 has been acting up in recent weeks and has been difficult and at times, impossible to connect to though it continued uploading pictures. It finally died quietly without a whimper last night. Fortunately I had a brand new identical spare camera on hand so I was able to replace it today without difficulty. It wasn’t quite a drop in replacement, but almost. I’ve also confirmed that the remote live connect to Cam1 and Cam3 is working, assuming your browser supports/trusts the Foscam plugin. Cam2 resides on a different network so I’ve not been able to tweak the router settings to allow remote connections. C`est la vis. I also haven’t gotten the VLC connections working again and probably won’t.

The Webcam Pages on this site are very popular! In 2020 the page was view 2691 times and so far in 2021 it has been viewed 3431 times. There are better cameras out there with more features that are easier to view live. I’m researching this.