14 January 2014: Lake level continues to rise

dam_14january2014Too bad it’s winter time and not boating time! The 2.3″ of rain we have received over the last 9 days has brought the lake level up over 23″ to -29″ below the top of the dam and it’s still raining. The lake has risen every day for the last 9 days and is now higher than it’s been since mid-June 2012. This makes for a runoff multiplier of 10x or 10″ of lake level rise for each inch of rain received. I attribute most of this to the time of year: with the ground frozen, less water soaks in and more runs off.

Lake levels normally fall during the winter due to a lack of precipitation but that’s not a problem this winter. I took the picture at left this morning when the surface of the lake was a little more than 30″ below the top of the dam, which is about 2″ above the water level at the dam. You can see water is now flowing out of the hole in the dam to the left of the outlet gate, indicating that the lake level has risen above the hole which is about -34″ below the top of the dam.

3 thoughts on “14 January 2014: Lake level continues to rise

  1. Colin Caissie

    Looks like OVER 50CFS flow to me. Should we let Aquafortis know that the dam owner is violating the covenant? Should be sued….I mean the covenant, in the absence of the final order, is the legal instrument that is in force. I think somebody should tell Smith that Kelley is recklessly releasing water, is showing negligence by not measuring the dangerous flow rate, and should be brought before the authorities. Violating the covenant that they worked so hard to create….criminal.


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