14 February 2016: What’s Happening?

[dropcap]It’s[/dropcap] been over 2 weeks since the foreclosure/auction of the Clary Lake dam allegedly took place and we still don’t know who the new owner is, or if a transfer took place at all. Nothing has been recorded in the registry of deeds, and DEP has not to my knowledge been notified that there is a new owner of the dam. And Butch Duncan isn’t talking. So what are we to think? I have been getting calls and emails from people wanting to know what’s going on but sadly, I don’t have any answers. I could speculate, but I won’t. I must admit I expected we’d have heard something by now, but I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by what is happening.

It seems Medius L3C is the key to sorting all this out, but good luck trying to contact them for answers as the company has no mailing address or phone number, and no contact name. This is no doubt by design. The current registered agent, a reputable company in Readfield by the name of Public Information Resource Inc., is owned by a man named Ken Keene. When I asked him for contact information for Medius L3C he gave me the name and address of Ms. Merritt Carey who was the former registered agent. However, if you contact her she claims to have nothing to do with the company any more and refers you back to Mr. Keene. You end up chasing your tail. In short, nobody including the registered agent knows who owns Medius L3C or how to reach them. Apparently the only way to contact Medius L3C is via their email address: mediusl3c@gmail.com.

The DEP sent Medius L3C a letter back on January 20, 2016 (when Ms. Carey was still the official registered agent) pointing out that Special Condition #11 (page 15) and Standard Condition #5 (page 17) of the Clary Lake Water Level Order both require, among other things, Department review and approval of any transfer of the Clary Lake dam. At last check, nobody from Medius L3C had responded to this letter:

There is a recording requirement in the statute governing property foreclosures (30 days if memory serves me right) so if there was in fact a transfer of the dam property then a deed will eventually show up in the Registry of Deeds. When we have something to report, you can be sure I’ll post about it here.