12 September 2016: Price Reduced!

40 Enos Lane, Jefferson Maine

40 Enos Lane, Jefferson Maine

According to recently posted real estate listings on the Zillow Real Estate site and at the Trulia Real Estate site, the price on the Arthur Enos home and property on Clary Lake has been reduced from the original summer 2014 asking price of $875,000 to a more reasonable but still breathtaking $765,000. The real estate listings include a bunch of recently taken pictures. So much for Art’s “I don’t really care if I sell it or not” remark. I assume now he still doesn’t care if he sells it, but at a lower price. According to Zillow, the property was originally listed in July 2014 (see “22 July 2014: Enos Property on Clary Lake for sale“) and was just taken off the market a few months ago. It was relisted at the lower price just a few days ago. I wish Mr. Enos all the luck selling his property.

5 thoughts on “12 September 2016: Price Reduced!

  1. Bill Donovan

    George, Perhaps Mr. Enos would have better luck selling his property if he were to LOWER the asking PRICE to $575,000 and to include the Title to the Clary Lake Dam. Also, the caveat that the Clary Lake Association is more than happy to work with ANY person owning the dam and the WLO that is in place. I hope his broker is giving full disclosure as to WHO owns the DAM. Potential BUYERS BEWARE.

  2. Timothy Harkins

    Enos Property listed. Recreational Water: “Waterfront Deep.” Maybe the lakes water level is coming back up. He He.

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