12 February 2021: Maine Cabin Masters on Clary Lake

A camp on Clary Lake belonging to the Andersen family was featured on Maine Cabin Masters this winter. The camp is over on the west shore of the lake. I recall the camp being worked on last summer, and more than once I waved at the folks working on it while out fishing. At the time I didn’t know it was a Maine Cabin Masters project and I didn’t learn that until long after they were gone. I also lost track of this project and didn’t know when it was going to air or I’d have posted about it sooner.

Check out the Maine Cabin Masters post. The before and after pictures are impressive, and the 3D model is pretty sexy 🙂

603 – The Old Fishing Camp

Many thanks to Dan Burns for bringing this to my attention.

3 thoughts on “12 February 2021: Maine Cabin Masters on Clary Lake

  1. George Fergusson Post author

    I was able to find this episode on Spectrum’s On Demand service. Pretty cool! At one point, they showed my boat with me and my buddy Ron just offshore fishing. I remember being there that day and waving at the workers on shore.

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