12 August 2019: Lincoln County News Article on CLA Annual Meeting


2019 Annual Meeting

It’s been a little over a week since we held our 2019 Annual Meeting and I apologize for not posting anything about it until now. We were all pretty busy in the weeks leading up to the Annual meeting, and I for one needed a break. I had meant to post about the Annual meeting, but Lincoln County News reporter Jessica Clifford beat me to it. She attended the Annual meeting and has written a great article (with pictures!) that appeared in last week’s 8-8-2019 Lincoln County News paper. The article however has not been made available online so posting it had to wait until I could scan and format it for the website:

Lincoln County News 8-8-2019 CLA Annual Meeting

I’m more or less back in the saddle now, and ready to get to work. There are some neat events planned for later this month and this fall. Stay tuned for details!