11 April 2013: A little more about inter-local agreements and a few samples

Back in 2007 when I became president of the Clary Lake Association and first got involved in trying to resolve the Clary Lake dam issue, Dana Murch of the DEP sent me 3 inter-local agreements from towns around Maine to look at. I dug them out of the file they were in yesterday, scanned them, and have posted them to Google Drive:

They vary in complexity from the Belgrade Lakes 4 page inter-local agreement between the towns of Belgrade and Rome to the Gardiner New Mills Dam 14 page inter-local agreement between the City of Gardiner and the towns of Litchfield and Richmond. None of them happen to involve a non-municipal 3rd party such as a lake association but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen.

I remember reading about the flap surrounding Sabattus Pond back in 1999-2000, it caused quite a bit of controversy. Here’s an article from the Lewiston Sun Journal from October 13, 1999:

State: Agree on Sabattus Pond Costs or dam will be opened

I suspect that if the towns of Whitefield and Jefferson decide to look into this kind of arrangement that they could get assistance from the State in preparing an inter-local agreement and of course, the Clary Lake Association would be happy to participate.