10 July 2013: Survey Plans of Clary Mill Property and Clary Lake Dam

compassI got my hands on copies of some survey plans some time ago. I wasn’t planning on releasing them for general consumption just yet but Paul Kelley posted one as part of his  FOAA booty so I figure I might as well put them all out there. First a little history: Back in 1981 there was a boundary dispute between Chester Chase and Albert and Alden Boynton. The property was surveyed by Coffin Engineering and the case went to court. As is the case with most boundary disputes that go to court, nobody but the lawyers won but the boundary lines did get established in the process. These two survey plans are sort of “before and after” plans:

In 1994 When Chester Chase was getting ready to sell the dam to Art Enos, he hired Lemuel Brown to survey out a 0.13 acre parcel with the Clary Lake dam on it: