09 May 2014 Lincoln County News: Owner Submits Water Level Plan for Clary Lake

There is an article by Dominik Lobkowicz in this week’s Lincoln County News on page 8 about the Water Level Management Plan (WLMP) submitted by Paul Kelley last week. The article does a pretty good job of covering the main issues surrounding the WLMP. According to the article, the Department will “work diligently to complete a thorough review in a timely manner” and that “any deficiencies will be identified and an opportunity provided to correct them.” The article does not appear in the public version of the Lincoln County News Online. I recommend those of you who can, buy a copy of this week’s paper. For those of you who can’t, I scanned a copy of the article:

The article goes on to state that “attempts by PPM to court the Clary Lake Association … failed to yield a secondary designee.” Right. Well I was on the receiving end of Mr. Kelley’s attempts to “court” the Association. If Mr. Kelley really wanted us to assume that role, he sure went about it wrong. All he succeeded in doing was to discourage us from taking on that role. I’ve already posted about how he tried to “court” the towns of Whitefield and Jefferson. They wouldn’t take the job either.

1 thought on “09 May 2014 Lincoln County News: Owner Submits Water Level Plan for Clary Lake

  1. Colin Caissie

    What an unbelievable streak of bad luck for Mr. Kelley.

    Nothing has gone the way he wanted. Even things that did not rely on pure luck…like responsibly maintaining his property at the dam site, or modifying his extremely restrictive covenants and legal postures in order to gain cooperation …..have blown back on him, and now he’s got a dam that needs even more extensive repair, a pile of legal hassles, looming fines, and a citizenry that views him as a foe of Clary Lake, the towns of Whitefield and Jefferson, and probably the unpaid mortgage holder.

    “Born under a bad sign….. If it wasn’t for bad luck, he wouldn’t have no luck at all”.

    Or on a positive note, “We create our own luck.”

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