09 August 2017: ClaryCam2 Back In Service

campic2ClaryCam2 is back in service! David Hodsdon has replaced the dead camera with a new one of the same make and model and we got it hooked up and connecting this afternoon. From the looks of it I’d say he hasn’t been keeping his shoreline mowed. You can just make out the State Boat launch on the right side of the photo. I think David is going to straighten the image just a bit if he hasn’t already.

You can see all 3 cameras on the Clary Lake Webcams page. Here’s the updated Remote Access information:

Remote Access

Realtime remote access is currently working for all 3 cameras. The username and password is the same: Username: guest  Password: 123abc
Clarycam 1 
For access with a browser: http://clarycam1.ddns.net:88/
For access with VLC: rtsp://guest:123abc@clarycam1.ddns.net:554/videoMain
Clarycam 2:
For access with a browswer: http://la9446.myfoscam.org:88/
For access with VLC: rtsp://guest:123abc@la9446.myfoscam.org:554/videoMain
Clarycam 3:
For access with a browser: http://clarycam3.ddns.net:89/
For access with VLC: rtsp://guest:123abc@clarycam3.ddns.net:555/videoMain


1 thought on “09 August 2017: ClaryCam2 Back In Service

  1. George Fergusson Post author

    For what it’s worth, the remote VLC connection is only working for ClaryCam 3. I’ll debug the problem with the other cams when I have a little more time.

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