09 August 2013: Fergusson appeals to Department (again) to dismiss Kelley’s petition

dead_endFor the second time I have written a (lengthy) letter to Kathy Howatt, the DEP staff person in charge of Kelley’s petition for release from dam ownership or water level maintenance, requesting the Department dismiss Kelley’s petition with prejudice immediately. I’m sure they won’t, at least not immediately but when the 180 day consultation period arrives around the end of September and Kelley waltzes into Kathy Howatt’s office and says “I’m here for my breach order” I am confident he will get sent packing with instructions to go home and not come back. You can only get away with so much in this life. Eventually your actions catch up with you and so too they will catch up with Kelley. He’s about out of road.

I copied the email to a bunch of other people. I am not going to post my letter on the website however because I don’t want to give Kelley the satisfaction of reading it. Kelley can request a copy from Kathy Howatt if he wants; I’m not going to give him one. Not surprisingly, Kelley is one of the most frequent visitors to this website. Hardly a day passes that he doesn’t come on the site, review recent posts and check out the water level charts.

If anyone else wants a copy, email me and I’ll be happy to send you one.