08 September 2016: DEP Administrative Record Now Available Online

On August 17th DEP filed their Administrative Record with the Lincoln County Superior Court in preparation for moving forward with their defense of the Clary Lake Water Level Order. I wrote about this back on September 1st (see: DEP files Administrative Record with Superior Court). The State’s filing consisted of a 20 page document that listed the descriptions of 264 items totalling 345 megabytes of material, which are all included on a CD. I was particularly interested in getting a copy of the CD partly because it seemed like every other document had my name associated with it, and partly because there were a goodly number of documents listed that I do NOT already have in my files, primarily internal Department and Interagency communications, and  correspondence between DEP staff and Paul Kelley that was not shared with the Service List.

I was also pleased to see that EVERY Clary Lake shore owner or concerned citizen who contacted DEP to voice their concern over the water level of Clary Lake is included in the Record, either with a phone log, an email thread, or a letter. All those calls and emails really helped folks.

I received a copy of the CD the other day and I’ve uploaded it to our Google Drive. All the documents are numbered .PDF files. To make sense of it all you need to first open (or better yet, download) the filing which contains the index of documents being a numbered list of files with a short description. The number of the document corresponds to the file name of the document. For example to see the document described as:

13.    Memorandum chain from Erle Townsend to Tony Fletcher, Dam Inspector, MEMA and two others regarding the petition, hearing, and other pending water level orders. February 9, 2012

…you would open the document named 013.pdf.

I don’t expect a lot of people will be interested in this material but for those that are, here’s a link to the Administrative Record:

The directory listing can take a while to load depending on the speed of your internet connection. You might find it easier to view the directory in “List View” as opposed to “Grid View” (there’s a link at the top right corner of the screen to change this). I had a little trouble even finding the index at times when I was testing the arrangement so I’ve put a copy of the index in the directory and named is 000-index.pdf so theoretically it should appear at the top of the list of files.

If you have any trouble viewing these documents, let me know and I’ll try to help.


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  1. Malcolm Burson

    George, thanks for taking the time and effort to get this organized for the casual reader. You are the super-Secretary cum laude for the CLA!

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