08 May 2014: New Clary Lake Association page on Google+

Hi All! I have created a new Clary Lake Association page on Google+ to replace the original “Community” page. There are several reasons for doing this, the primary one being that I can’t automagically add website posts to the Community page, but I can to the new one. Otherwise, the pages look about the same. Currently website posts here are automatically posted to my personal George Fergusson Google+ page as public posts and to get them posted on the Community page requires I do it manually. Sadly, I don’t have the time or inclination to do that so there hasn’t been much happening there. Incidentally, the posting goes both ways, though not automatically: Google+ posts can be easily embedded on this site. How cool is that?

It might take a few tries to get the automatic posting working. We’ll see. Here’s the link to the new page:


Just a reminder, the Association has a Facebook page too. The Association’s Community page is going away soon. If you are among those that have posted stuff on the Community page (you know who you are) please feel free to repost it on the new page. Thanks!

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