08 December 2014: Ice-In date of December 6th finally determined

The official 2014 ice-in date has finally been determined to be December 6th and I have updated the Clary Lake Ice-In and Ice-Out accordingly. While the lake was completely frozen over on the morning of November 29th, more than 1/2 of the lake melted off 2 days later when the temperature rose into above 40° for a couple of days, accompanied with some rain on top of that. Since then the lake has struggled to completely freeze over again until last Saturday morning when it finally seized up tight. Since then it’s put on quite a bit more ice. It was only 5° this morning as the cam pic at left will attest. 

The ice isn’t the greatest for skating this year and the weather coming in tomorrow (snow, sleet, freezing rain) isn’t likely to make it any better. We only get really good ice 1 year out of 3 or 4. Here’s another video I found from December 2010 to show you just how good it can get: