07 June 2013: Tropical Storm Andrea expected to drop a lot of rain

Tropical storm Andrea is headed north, hot on the heals of an  unnamed low pressure system loaded with moisture and it’s all headed this way. The NOAA Graphical Forecast for Maine for the next 24 hours is forecasting 2.5″ to 3″ of rain from this combined weather event, most of it falling tonight and into early Saturday morning. Possible locally higher amounts likely. Rainfall amounts have been steadily revised upwards since last night; a lot depends on how far off the coast Andrea tracks. If it remains closer to the shore, rainfall amounts could be significantly higher. This forecast is more or less consistent with this morning’s Channel 6 News Center weather report. There is a flood watch in effect for Lincoln County from this evening through Saturday afternoon.

The lake level has dropped about 8″ from a high of about -31″ below the top of the dam on May 31st to about -39″ now. This rain should more than replace what has been lost in the last week. I for one am thrilled.

Careful out there folks.