07 June 2013: It’s Comment Deadline Friday :)

mema-customToday is the deadline for submission of comments on the material distributed as an addendum to Procedural Order 5 back on 9 April. Comments were originally due on 9 May but on 7 May, DEP granted Paul Kelley a 30 day extension. Kelley requested another 30+ day extension late last week. That request was denied.

There were two documents distributed with the addendum, the new minimum flows recommendation “Clary Lake Assessment” and Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) comments. Theoretically comments due today could be on either document, but Kelley and I have already submitted comments on the minimum flows recommendation so this deadline is all about Dam Safety.

Kelley would appear to be having an apoplectic fit around the issue of dam safety. From his second appeal to DEP for an extension to the comment period:

“The DEP’s post-hearing actions seem to indicate that the department is apparently contemplating using unchallenged “data” to a) impose not only a new definition of “normal high water”, but b) to do so in an effort to impose a Water Level Order impounding in excess of three quarters of a BILLION gallons of water behind an uninsurable, 110 year old breached dam, and pointing it, like a loaded gun, at a federally designated National Register property AND a federally designated Endangered Species spawning ground directly downstream.”

A bit overly dramatic, don’t you think? And the real irony? That Kelley owns that “loaded gun” 🙂 And Kelley expects us to believe he doesn’t have an interest in that “federally designated National Register property” and even more laughable, that he actually cares about a “federally designated Endangered Species spawning ground.” What does he think we are- stupid?

For my part, I had not intended to prepare any comments on the MEMA report because I couldn’t think of anything to say. However, since Kelley is making such a big deal about it, I feel I must say *something* so I’m working on a short set of remarks. In the mean time, I wait with anticipation for Kelley to submit his tirade on dam safety and his indictment of MEMA for failing to take the safety of the Clary Lake dam and the high-water risk to his downstream property seriously. It’s sure to be a “classic Kelley” tirade.