07 July 2016: Medius L3C Late-Files Their Annual Report

mediusA quick update to an article from a couple of days ago: Medius L3C, finally filed their 2016 Annual Report. The Secretary of State’s Interactive Corporate Services website shows the Annual Report as having been filed on June 3. The deadline for filing was June 1. Better late than never I always say.

Medius L3C, the company that currently owns the mortgage on the Clary Lake dam, remains shrouded in mystery as the Annual Report doesn’t provide any information we didn’t already know, which is to say, not much. The “authorized company representative” provided is the current Registered Agent, Attorney William Logan of Wiscasset Maine. The company logo at left from the “Company Statement” provided to people attending the dam auction last January 29th (see: 01 February 2016: About that Dam Auction).

Nothing to see here folks. Move along.

3 thoughts on “07 July 2016: Medius L3C Late-Files Their Annual Report

    1. George Fergusson Post author

      Attorneys for Kelley (the dam owner) and Smith (the mill owner) were supposed to have presented a plan to repair the dam to DEP last week. Didn’t happen. I understand that a plan is still being worked on. There are a lot of players in this drama Jean, and the role that Medius L3C is supposed to play (besides owning a non-performing loan) isn’t entirely clear.

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