06 May 2014: PPM’s Proposed Water Level Management Plan

The first milestone of the Clary Lake Water Level Order was the May 1st submission of a Water Level Management Plan (WLMP). I was originally told by a DEP staff person that the WLMP was not going to be released until it had been “reviewed and approved” by the Department. Apparently I was misinformed as according to Project Manager Beth Callahan who I spoke to earlier today, the document is in deed “public” information. According to Beth Callahan, the Department will review the submission and issue a Procedural Order (of the sort we’re used to seeing) to the Service List with the Department findings. She didn’t have any idea when that was likely to happen.

The document is 13 pages and I’ve only had the time to glance over it. However, from what I’ve read so far, I’m guessing DEP won’t be “approving” it anytime soon. I will refrain from further comment at this time until I have had a chance to read it over more carefully.

Proposed Water Level Management Plan