06 May 2013: Pleasant Pond Mill LLC requests extension of deadline for filing comments

darth_vaderIn yet another letter with more foot notes than actual verbiage, Paul Kelley makes a formal request with the Department for an extension of the time to file comments on the Clary Lake Assessment currently due May 9th. Mr. Kelley seems to be objecting to comments made by Mark Hyland of the Maine Emergency Management Agency that the Agency has no opinion on whether the dam should be breached, whereas Mr. Kelley maintains that the dam is already breached. Mr. Kelley wants to put everything off until June 6th to give Mr. Hyland time to respond to a letter Kelley is supposedly hand-delivering to him today.

Seems like yet another patently obvious attempt by Mr. Kelley to stall, obfuscate, and delay petition processing. I will be drafting a response to Kelley’s request vigorously objecting to it on as many grounds as I can think of, which is a whole lot. Anyways, here’s Kelley’s request:

There were two other documents attached to the email, a copy of the comments from MEMA and copies of emails Kelley previously obtained by FOA request. You’ve probably already seen them but for sake of completeness, here are links to them:

Kelley apparently has figured out how to send email to the Service List directly as opposed to sending them to PretiFlaherty and having them forward his correspondence to the list. I guess my chiding him for that behavior paid off. Congratulations Paul. Now there is no pretense at all that Kelley’s correspondence is being prepared by anyone but Kelley himself.

4 thoughts on “06 May 2013: Pleasant Pond Mill LLC requests extension of deadline for filing comments

  1. George Fergusson Post author

    Colin Caissie has replied directly to the service list:

    Ms. Callahan:

    Thanks for forwarding this notice.

    Just say no. Pardon my rough language, but this guy is a narcissistic jerk, and gets off on having people kowtow to his baroque legal swirls.

    There is a breach in the dam, and he should have fixed it, but that would have ruined the plot of the personal pageant that he’s performing.

    The hole in the dam is about the size of Mr. Kelley’s head. The solution is clear.

    Colin S. Caissie,
    inconvenienced, and angry farmer, lake user, ecologist and naturalist

    Well Said Mr. Caissie!

    1. George Fergusson Post author

      No fallout on the Service List from Colin Caissie’s from-the-heart posting to same, not that I expected there would be any. I thought I heard a few twitters of laughter, and a nervous cough from somewhere out in Augusta but that was it.

  2. Margaret Fergusson

    Bravo Colin. There are no kind words to describe this man. This has to end. It would be quite gratifying if the DEP finally dealt with him, as he deserves……STOPPED IN HIS TRACKS and ‘banished from his kingdom’. Thank you for calling him what he is!

  3. George Fergusson Post author

    I have prepared my own short but sweet response to Kelley’s request which I will mail to the Service List first thing in the morning. I’ll post it here shortly thereafter. It was a waste of time writing it because there is no chance that Kelley’s request will be granted. Not a chance.

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