06 May 2013: A Year and a Half of Water Level Records

I got to wondering what a water level chart showing all the water level data I have collected since the 19th of December 2011 to today would look. The result isn’t pretty:


With the exception of May and June of last year and a few days in March and early April this year, the lake has been lower than -40″ below the top of the dam since I started keeping records. It will take a long time for the wetlands to recover from being “ravaged” to use a term Mr. Kelley seems to like so much.

I’ll update this graph periodically. I haven’t decided where it will live.

3 thoughts on “06 May 2013: A Year and a Half of Water Level Records

  1. Colin Caissie

    Nice graph. The significance is ominous, tho. All that devastation and ugliness I’ve seen out in the marshes and on our shorelines. All the inconveniences and extra costs we are facing.

    All because some developer sniffed a business opportunity but was too stupid to realize that it was not a business opportunity…. it was part of our town and our lives and was part of a living ecosystem. So he bought a pig in a poke, bungled this project, and is so caught up in himself that he can’t see how ignorant and foolish he looks, how futile his ambitions, and how much a loser he is. Skip the personal pageant, Paul, and get out of our town.

    Well, one way or another, we’ll be rid of this nuisance, and we’ll have a normal water level. I expect the 2014 lake graph will be a much flatter, smoother, and healthier level.

    Colin S. Caissie
    Long Hope Farm

  2. REYoung

    From the grapevine the word is that a lot of folks are thinking of individual lawsuits against a “stupid developer” for several different problems that have come from the lack of resolving this issue….some with the possibility of disastrous results. Enough said…..let’s leave the “Ace” in the hole.

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