05 October 2016: A Few Site Issues To Be Aware Of

For some reason a few back end services on this website have stopped working, and I have no idea what the problem is. First the emails that get sent out to people who’ve subscribed to CLA News updates via email are not getting sent any more. No idea why. These emails are sent by WordPress.com and I’ve checked and they still have the email addresses on file and they’re aware of new posts and everything looks like it should be working, but it ain’t. The notification emails just aren’t getting sent when a new article is posted.

Second, the mechanism that automagically submits new posts to the Clary Lake Association Facebook page is failing, without error and without explanation. For the time being I’m manually posting links to new articles on Facebook and will continue to do so until things are working again.

I suspect both problems are related. Hopefully I’ll figure out what’s wrong and get it fixed or it will just miraculously start working again, I’m OK with that happening.