05 October 2015: Miscellaneous Site Updates

I’ve revised/updated a couple of pages on the site and want to bring the changes to your attention. First some time in the past 2 weeks the data table on the Clary Lake Water Monitoring Data page and needed to be rebuilt. I ended up replacing it with a really cool table system that allows you to do stuff like sort the data on any column. As it turns out, being able to sort the data can reveal some interesting trends.

The other change is to the Clary Lake Water Level Charts page. Though it doesn’t really look all that different, the changes to the back end system are significant. Updates are now mostly automated making it much easier for me to maintain and update the page. The most time consuming part is still walking down to the lake to make the measurement which is a ritual I have become so used to I don’t even think about it any more. Also, page updates (which happen almost daily) can be done without the site cache clearing itself which will improve overall site performance. The cache will still clear periodically, but it no longer does so daily simple because of a minor page update.

One of these days I’ll get a new camera for the Clary Lake webcam. There’s currently no money in the budget for it.