05 May 2013: Update on Online Donation System now with Membership Signups and Renewals

dollarIt took a little head scratching but I’ve implemented an online Membership Signup and Renewal system. I know I said I wasn’t going to bother with it till later this summer but it turned out to be simpler than I expected, once I grokked the internals of PayPal transactions.

I’ve also added a simple “progress bar” for tracking our progress towards our various Association goals including memberships, and donations to the Clary Lake Dam Repair fund.

Clary Lake Association Goals:
[progressbar url=”https://www.clarylake.org/data/total.txt” rounded=”0″ width=”400px” color=”green”]

You’ll find this “progress bar” somewhere on the sidebar to the right (currently at the bottom). It’s updated manually, not automatically so it’s not likely to reflect any given membership signup, renewal, or donation. I’ll update it periodically. No promises.

A note on the the Dam Repair Fund: $5000 is simply a goal and not necessarily an accurate estimate of the cost of repairing the dam. We have not yet received word back from Paul Kelley as to whether he’ll let us obtain an engineering assessment of the dam. The assessment would be used to obtain estimates from local contractors for needed repairs. What are you waiting for Paul?

Likewise, the goal of 100 members is an arbitrary number. Helps to have a goal.

Here is a link where you can renew your Association membership or join if you’re not yet a member:
Signup or Renew Your Membership On Line

Needless to say, the old tried-and-true way of signing up for or renewing your membership (printing the membership renewal form and mailing it in) still works. Or just come to the Annual meeting, and bring your check book.

Here’s a page where you can donate to the Association; the current fund raising initiative is the Clary Lake Dam Repair fund:
Donate to the Association

All the above links can be found under the Membership main menu heading.