05 March 2014: Clary Lake Association’s 501c3 status reinstated like it was never gone

At last, something good to report! You will recall back in July of last year it came to our attention that the Internal Revenue Service had revoked the Clary Lake Association’s 501(c)3 non-profit status somewhere back around 2007. We were never made aware of this change in status by the IRS. I first posted about this matter when it was brought to our attention by Mr. Kelley and I first wrote about it on 10 July 2013, and again when we filed our new application on 15 July 2013. Well I am pleased to announce that the IRS has approved our application for non-profit status and has officially reinstated the Clary Lake Association’s 501c3 status as of 24 February 2014 as per letter received yesterday. The letter also says that our reinstatement is retroactive to the date of revocation which means there has been no lapse in our non-profit status in the eyes of the law. While this comes as good news for us, Mr. Kelley, who has been spreading vicious rumors and haranguing the AG’s office and the IRS in an attempt to make trouble for us will no doubt be devastated when he finds out the good news.

By law certain information about the Clary Lake Association’s non-profit status and operations is considered public information and is to be made available for public inspection. Such information includes but is not necessarily limited to a copy of the letter of reinstatement, the approved 501(c)3 application form 1023 and attachments and tax returns. For those who want more information about what information is and is not subject to the requirements for Public Inspection and how that public inspection may be provided, here is a link to the Public Inspection section of the IRS Instructions for Form 1023.

Here is our IRS letter of reinstatement which for most people should be sufficient to reassure them we are what we say we are (you may also want to look at our Charitable Solicitations License) . For now that’s all I’m going to post publicly on the web site. Copies of our 501(c)3 application and attachments and any anything else deemed public information will be happily provided free of charge to anyone who asks. In time all information subject to the public inspection requirement will be posted on the website.