05 June 2016: Spring/Summer 2016 CLA Newsletter Is In The Mail!


Immature Bald Eagle

Well, almost. It will go in the mail tomorrow morning. The picture at left is this edition’s highlighted photograph appearing on the front page. It is a picture of an immature Bald Eagle that I spied sitting on a branch outside my bedroom window early one morning this past spring. The picture was the inspiration for a poem my wife wrote which is included on the back of the last page of this year’s newsletter. There wasn’t room to explain all this in the newsletter so I’m doing it here. You’ll find the usual Annual Meeting notice, President’s Message, and various committee updates. We’ve also included 3 small and hopefully unobtrusive advertisements (the same 3 as last year) which you’ll be happy to know completely covered the cost of postage of this edition. Please patronize your local businesses!

Writing this issue’s “Year in Review” column was a real challenge: trying to summarize everything that has transpired since the last Annual Meeting seemed like an impossible task. So much has happened! What I ended up doing was putting together a timeline of events, trying to leave nothing out. Hopefully this will serve to “jog” your memory- a trip down memory lane as it were, if you’ve been following things here on the website. If you’re new to the Clary Lake water level crisis or haven’t been paying close attention, then you’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Most entries on the timeline have corresponding posts here on the website. Learn to use the Search feature (top right of this page) and the Site Archives (bottom right of this page).

This year our newsletter has a circulation of about 170 or so, up about 20% from last year. It is being mailed (and in some cases emailed as well) to all current Members of course, but also to all Clary Lake shore owners regardless of their Membership status. We’re also sending it to a number of other Friends of Clary Lake who are not lake shore owners but still love Clary Lake, and also to a number of other parties who we think should get a copy whether they want it or not. If you’re not on our mailing list and you’d like to be, email me (secretary@clarylake.org) with your contact information and let me know if you want a hard copy or one via email, and I’ll add your name to our list. On the other hand, if you’re on our list and want off, too bad.

We do not share your contact information with any other group or organization.

I will post a PDF copy of the newsletter here on the website towards the end of the week. Feel free to download a copy and email it to your friends and relatives. Share it freely.