05 December 2017: Anyone Missing a Goose?

DSC_5297There’s been a white domestic goose hanging out on Clary Lake with some Canada Geese this fall. For a domestic goose it was quite shy, it wouldn’t face me at all but started swimming away from me as soon as it saw me whereas the Canada Geese were totally unconcerned. This picture (and one other in the Fall 2017 gallery) was taken a couple of weeks ago, but David Knight told me earlier today that he saw it earlier today down at his end of the lake, again, hanging out with a flock of Canada Geese. In any case, I doubt it can fly so when the lake finally freezes over, it will either get frozen in the ice or make it to shore where it becomes easy prey for a fox or raccoon. I know the folks that bought the old MacDonald place have some geese, it may be one of theirs. I’ve emailed them to see if they’re missing a goose…

Speaking of pictures, I’ve been rather uncharacteristically busy this fall and have a pile of pictures to process and post including some of damage from last month’s wind storm. I’ll get around to it when winter settles in and I have more time. If you have any pictures of downed trees and property damage from that storm, send them to me and eventually I’ll find the time to post them.

2 thoughts on “05 December 2017: Anyone Missing a Goose?

  1. David

    Dec 14th update: The Geese and white “goose” have been hanging out front in the morning. We saw the white “goose” fly in this morning. It appears it is actually a Swan; either a whistler or Trumpet Swan. It is a beautiful bird when flying!

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