05 August 2013: Welcome to new officers and a few site changes

thumbs_up1I’ve updated the About and Contact pages to reflect the changes to the Association officers following last weekend’s Annual Meeting. Now I’d like to officially welcome two new board members, Jane Chase and Mary Hornecker. On behalf of the Association I’d like to thank you for stepping up to be of service. Small organizations like the Clary Lake Association depend on the energy and initiative of people like you to help keep us focused and relevant. Jane is also sitting on the newly re-formed Bylaws Committee along with Malcolm Burson, David Hodsdon, and Trudi Hodgkins. I’d also like to officially welcome myself. I am the new Secretary 🙂

The Membership also showed their support for pursuing updating the Clary Lake Watershed Survey. The Membership’s show of support for this important initiative shows they understand the meaning and value of good stewardship and sound watershed management and furthermore are willing to do something about it. After giving it some thought, I’ve moved the Clary Lake Watershed Survey page from the Charts & Data menu heading to the Programs/Education menu heading where it more rightly belongs.

I’m still working on the minutes.