05 August 2013: Pictures Added to Historical Photographs Album

A) fish-derby-allrev1mediumDavid Hodsdon gave me a CD of Association files the other day and I’ve been going through them as I find the time. Included were some pictures and I’ve uploaded 8 of them to the Historical Photographs album. Now, they date from around 2000 so they’re not really “historical” in the true sense of the word but I’m sure you’ll agree that most of them are quite happy in that category. A number of them were taken during a Kids Fishing Derby A) 23-loons-on-clary-lake-apr18
held in the spring of 2000. I only recognize a few of the adults and none of the kids. The one at upper left shows everyone participating in the derby. Here’s one that I’m pretty sure Arolyn Antognoni took showing 23 loons on Clary Lake. I remember her talking about it and I seem to remember her showing me a photograph she took that day too. I think this must be it.

A fishing derby sure sounds like a good idea… some day, when life on Clary Lake is back to normal.