04 August 2013: Association Annual Meeting not rained On :)

annual_meeting_rainbow_3august2013We had perfect weather for yesterday’s Annual Meeting of the Clary Lake Association though first thing in the morning it wasn’t clear that was going to be the case: it rained heavily early on but then cleared by 11 am and became beautiful and sunny, well in time for the meeting. Then about 5 PM just minutes after the last person left for home, the sky opened up and it rained with a vengeance. How fortunate it held off until after the meeting! An hour later we were graced with a beautiful double rainbow.

45 people showed up to conduct the Association’s business. The only glitch was that I had neglected to print out copies of the 2012 meeting minutes which were supposed to be read and approved. What ensued was a comedy of errors including trying to get them printed off the website, then trying to read them on a laptop whose batteries quit part way through, finally culminating with a motion to cease the struggle and move on, which passed unanimously. Both the bylaws and newsletter committees were formed and populated with volunteers, and all the (3) proposed articles also passed unanimously. I was particularly pleased to receive not just a mandate from the membership to pursue the Clary Lake Watershed Survey update, but a good number of volunteers as well. More about this later. The meeting adjourned at 4 PM and was followed by the usual pot-luck supper. I’ll post minutes as soon as they’ve been written and approved.

2 thoughts on “04 August 2013: Association Annual Meeting not rained On :)

  1. kate

    Sorry I couldn’t be there, George. I appreciate all you are doing to preserve our beautiful lake.

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