04 April 2020: Clary Lake Full Once Again

20200404_114344A few days ago when I posted about archiving the March water level chart I said I expected the lake would fill soon, but that was before we received heavy rain on Thursday and Friday. That did the trick! This morning the lake had risen to an elevation of 150.96 feet and water was just beginning to flow over the top of the dam (picture at left). What a pleasant sight! While the current lake level is still 0.21 feet below the HWM, I consider the lake to be full when water is just beginning to flow over the top of the dam. Dave Knight and I went over this morning and installed the 6th and final stop log and opened the gate just a wee bit to tweak the outflows. Our goal now will be to maintain this water level (or close to it) through the end of July. The current minimum flows of 35.9 cfs drop to 8.3 cfs on May 16th.