04 April 2013: Bathymetric Survey Data update

It turns out the Clary Lake Sensor Data spreadsheet that we received yesterday wasn’t corrupt, I just couldn’t open an Excel 2007 (.xlsx) file. David Hodsdon was kind enough to convert it to an older more generic Excel file (.xls) and send it to me, and I can open it fine. Before you click on the link, keep in mind that the spreadsheet consists of 3265 rows of data consisting of 21 columns each. Not what you call exciting reading. This is the actual data collected- depth, latitude, longitude, etc.

Clary Lake Sensor Data from bathymetric survey converted to Google Docs format

I’ve posted this document on Google Docs. I’m trying it out as a way of providing fast document access. Let me know what you think. All 3 documents are posted on the Maps Charts & Graphs page, under the Charts and Data main menu heading.