03 November 2017: Anyone Lose A Canoe?

Lost canoe, washed up on David Hodsdon’s shoreline.

David Hodsdon emailed me a photograph of a canoe this morning that washed up on his shoreline. The lake has risen about 15″ as a result of heavy rains and this canoe floated off. If it’s your boat, come get it.

There was considerable damage to several properties around the lake as a result of the intense wind storm that blew through early last Monday morning. Of particular note, Gordon Frizzell’s house was virtually cut in half by a large pine tree that landed on it’s roof. I’ll post photographs when I get a chance.

1 thought on “03 November 2017: Anyone Lose A Canoe?

  1. George Fergusson Post author

    This canoe has been reunited with it’s owner, Kelsie French’s nephew (sorry I forget his name). He bailed it out and paddled it home that same afternoon.

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