28 March 2020: We Have An Ice Out Contest Winner!

Linda Gallion

Finally! David Hodsdon has proclaimed this year’s ice out date to be March 27th. That was the day when all the ice was completely gone from the coves and inlets around the lake. That makes Linda Gallion (picture at left, from last year’s Annual Meeting) the winner of our 2020 Ice Out Contest! Her’s was the closest guess (March 24th) without going over. Linda has been a long time CLA member and served as Treasurer for ten years from 2005 to 2015. Congratulations Linda! Hope you enjoy your tee shirt! Many thanks to all who participated in our first Clary Lake Ice Out Contest. Here are their guesses:

2020 Ice Out Contest Guesses

Ice Out was determined to be March 27th. The closest guess wins!
Jane Chase03/14/20
Rick Gallion03/14/20
Jack Holland03/17/20
June M. Lordi03/23/20
Linda Gallion03/24/20
ICE OUT:03/27/2020
Lee Prager03/28/20
Paul Devlin03/28/20
Steve Cowles03/29/20
Malcolm B03/29/20
David Knight04/01/20
Carolyn Curtis04/02/20
Gareth Bowen04/03/20
Leslie Gillette04/04/20
Terry Crummett04/07/20
Kate Seba04/09/20
Arlene Wing04/12/20
Karen Stutzer04/14/20
Dan Burns04/16/20

Resized952020032695154444955643If you think it took a longer than usual for the lake to become ice-free this year it is because it did! I don’t think the ice was really ready to melt off, but a heavy rain event on March 13th which dropped 1.20 inches of rain followed by strong winds the next day got rid of a lot of ice on the north side of the lake. There were actually people ice fishing the previous weekend. After that initial melt-off, the ice seemed to take forever to melt out of the coves on the south side, and down by the boat launch.