03 June 2013: Petitioners’ Response to PPM request for additional extension to comment period

just-say-no_0I have just submitted Petitioner’s response to Paul Kelley’s latest attempt to divert, delay, and stall the Clary Lake water level petition. I am of course referring to his 30 May 2013 request for yet another extension to the current comment period. This attempt to delay things, unlike his previous attempts, rests on flimsy and unsubstantial grounds except that no one is laughing, least of all me and I don’t imagine anyone at DEP thinks it particularly funny either. I can’t even begin to imagine DEP taking it seriously.  It also appears to have fallen on deaf ears and I probably didn’t have to write anything. But I did.

Petitioners’ Response to PPM request for additional extension to comment period

Kelley is caught between a rock and a hard place. Last Wednesday, Project Manager Beth Callahan sent around an email announcing she was going on vacation and would be out of the office starting June 3rd and returning to work on the 13th. The next day Thursday Paul Kelley posted to the Service List a request for a 30 day extension to the 07 June 2013 deadline of the current comment period. He asked that DEP “take all necessary steps to swiftly accommodate this scheduling request” which I guess means “spend your last day at work before vacation taking care of this.” Sadly (for Paul Kelley) on Friday Beth Callahan did not swiftly accommodate anything but plans for her vacation because there has been no word from DEP, today is the 3rd of June, Beth Callahan is on vacation and won’t be back until the 13th, the deadline for the current comment period is June 7th, and Paul Kelley can kiss his request for extension goodbye.

My advice to Paul Kelley: Hurry up and get your comments in, you have until the end of the day Friday.