04 August 2016: Annual CLA Meeting Plans, Agenda, Coming Together

[dropcap]Plans[/dropcap] for our Annual Meeting this coming Saturday afternoon August 6th (at the home of Erin Grimshaw and Christina Bishop at 739 Gardiner Road in Jefferson) are shaping up nicely. The registration table will be setup up by 1:00 PM and the meeting will start at 2:00 PM sharp so if you haven’t already paid your dues yet, plan to show up early to take care of business. The membership year runs from the start of one annual meeting to the start of the next one so in order to vote your dues need to be paid up. If you’re not going to be able to make it to the meeting and want to give your proxy to someone to vote for you, please make sure your dues are paid before the start of the meeting or you won’t be able to vote! Also remember that as a result of recent changes to our Bylaws, anyone can be a voting member simply by paying dues: 1 member = 1 vote.

We’ve got a full agenda (see below). At the top is Senator Christopher Johnson, our guest speaker this year. He’ll be stopping by to speak briefly about his recent activities around Clary Lake, and answering questions. Chris’s schedule that day is tight however and he’ll have to leave early. He’s planning to be there before the meeting starts however so if you want a chance to meet and talk with him, come early.

Last year’s Annual Meeting Minutes will need to be approved at this meeting. Because they are 9 pages long (for crying out loud!) I won’t be printing out copies for everyone likely to show up; even double sided, 50 copies would use up a ream of paper and a good amount of ink. Therefore in the interests of saving money I’d ask everyone to please review the 2015 Annual Meeting Minutes online and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, bring them to the meeting. I will print a limited number of copies and will have them available for review before the meeting.

The meeting is going to be held rain-or-shine: weather permitting we’ll be outside and if it is raining we’ll move inside. We’ll have some seating available but if you if you have any folding chairs you can bring, please do so. Hope to see you Saturday and don’t forget the potluck supper!

Here’s the proposed Meeting Agenda to whet your appetite (paper copies will be provided at the meeting):

Clary Lake Association Annual Meeting
Saturday, 06 August 2016

Welcome/Introductions: President Malcolm Burson

Guest Speaker: Senator Christopher Johnson

Senator Christopher Johnson will speak briefly about his involvement with Clary Lake over the past year, and answer questions. Chris’s time is limited and has to leave early so we’ve put him at the top of the agenda.

Last Year’s Annual Meeting Minutes: Secretary, George Fergusson

Last year’s minutes can be found on the CLA website. A limited number of copies will be available for review before the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report and Proposed Budget: Treasurer Mary Gingrow-Shaw

Election of Officers: The Nominations Committee has come up with the following list of nominees for open Association Board positions. This will be Randy Wing’s first term and Jane Chase’s second term. Finally, Jack Holland was appointed by the Board to fill the position vacated by Cheryl Ayer after she resigned the Board on April 16, 2016. The Membership is being asked to confirm his interim appointment:

Board members for 3 years: M. Jane Chase, Randy Wing
Board member for 1 year: Jack Holland

Article 1: To see if the Membership of the Clary Lake Association is in favor of the Bylaws Committee recommendations that the words “These term limits do not apply to the Secretary or Treasurer” be added to the end of Article III Section 2. “Election and Qualification” and that the words “who are not officers of the Corporation” be removed from the definition of the Nominating Committee.

See attached policy statement for an explanation and discussion of this article.

Annual Loon Count: Mary Gingrow-Shaw

Lake Water Quality Report: Jack Holland & George Fergusson

Clary Lake Water Level Order Update: George Fergusson

Dam Repair Initiative: Malcolm Burson

Legal Expenditures: Board Discussion

Question and Answer Period: Board Discussion

Old Business: None.

New Business:

Clary Lake Association Momentum Committee: Erin Grimshaw

Motion to Adjourn

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  1. George Fergusson Post author

    Anyone members who can’t make it to the meeting and want a proxy ballot for the bylaws question, email me and I’ll send you a proxy ballot which you should fill out, scan, and send back to me. Alternatively, you can just email me your proxy for the meeting.

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