02 May 2014: About that Water Level Management Plan…

If you’re eagerly awaiting the water level management plan now that the deadline for its submission has passed, you’re not alone! Several people have asked “where’s the plan?” Careful reading of the specification for the Water Level Management Plan in the water level order suggests we should not hold our breath waiting for the plan. From the Order (emphasis added):

5. The owner of the dam shall submit a Water Level Management Plan to the Department for review and approval no later than May 1, 2014.”

So the plan needs to be reviewed by DEP and approved before it is accepted and before we get a copy. No telling how long this could take. Further on it says (emphasis added):

The final Water Level Management Plan shall be made available by the owner of the dam to all littoral and riparian landowners for review upon request. A copy of the final plan shall be distributed to the Town of Jefferson and the town of Whitefield.

So the Towns will only get a copy when it’s been approved and no where does it say Kelley has to actually provide a copy to anyone who asks for it, only that it shall be “made available for review upon request” and at that only to littoral and riparian landowners. It remains to be seen how Mr. Kelley will choose to interpret the above language.

So patience is the word of the day. I’m sure it will be a fine plan, and worth waiting for. When the plan has been approved (we’ll let you know) it will be available at your respective Town offices.