02 June 2013 Kennebec Journal article: Whitefield voters reject proposal to own dam

not-a-crook-customPaul Koenig of the Kennebec Journal has written an article about the Whitefield public meeting last Thursday, 30 May 2013. I’m not sure what issue of the paper it appeared in but it is available online at the following link. I’ll download a PDF and post it in a while. It’s a good article. Could have used a picture. I had meant to post article sooner but I’ve been a little busy and it slipped my mind. Better late than never:

I was told by someone watching what was going on that when Kelley was talking at the microphone I was sitting shaking my head and when I was talking at the microphone, Kelley was shaking his head. Can you say “common ground”? No? Neither can I.

You can comment on the article on the KJ site, at the bottom of the page.