01 September 2013: Upcoming 2013 Watershed Survey Training Workshop September 20th

dep-logo-customAt the Association’s annual meeting last month, the membership voted to work on updating the 2001 Clary Lake watershed survey. To that end, about 10 people volunteered to take part in the survey. To that end, the Department of Environmental Protection is giving a workshop for volunteers to train them how to identify, monitor, and mitigate  non-point sources of pollution in lake watersheds.

The 4.5 hour workshop is free and will be held from 10:00 AM till 2:30 PM on September 20th at the Maine Volunteer Lake Monitor Program’s Brackett Environmental Center facilities in Auburn (I’ve added an event on the Clary Lake Association event calendar). The VLMP has setup a page with more information about the workshop. If anyone wants to attend, give George a call at 549-5991 or email him at gsfergusson@clarylake.org.