01 March 2016: ClaryCam1 Back in Service

Clary Cam 1 - 2016-03-01 15.51.00ClaryCam1 is back in service thanks to a free replacement IP camera that arrived by Fedex today. You’ll find current webcam pictures for both cameras on the Clary Lake Webcams page again! I even managed to take a selfie while installing. I didn’t know my nose was so big.

For those of you who connect to the ClaryCam1 and ClaryCam2 for real-time video (you know who you are) I’m experimenting with a new DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service) server which hopefully will be more reliable than the service offered by Foscam which we have been using. For now they should both work. The service is free and for now only ClaryCam1 is using it but if it works out OK I’ll help David H. set it up for his camera too.

You’ll find instructions for connecting in a post from last October: Realtime access to Clary WebCam video now available.

Here are the new DDNS links for ClaryCam1. You’ll also find them on the ClaryCam1 page:

For use with a web browser:


For use with a VLC app: