01 June 2013: May Month End Summary

5 May 2013May started out dry but turned into a wet month indeed. On top of a dry April, we received no rain at all for the first 8 days of the month. The lake level started out -46.44″ below the top of the dam and fell at the average rate of 0.6″ per day to -56.52″ by the 17th of May at which point the dam’s gate was closed. Over the next 12 days we received 5.68″ of rain which brought the lake up 25.52″ for a runoff multiplier of 4.5x (4.5″ rise for each inch of rain) which is about what was expected. We ended the month at -31.08″ below the top of the dam. Average rainfall for May is 3.6″. The gate was reopened on the 27th and opened even further on the 30th. Runoff from the May rains has finally diminished to the point where the lake level has started falling again, having fallen just over 1″ as of this morning.