01 July 2014: Kelley to resubmit his Water Level Management Plan July 2nd

Tomorrow is the deadline for Paul Kelley to resubmit his revised Water Level Management Plan, originally submitted on May 2nd and found by the Department at that time to be “unsatisfactory” (see 03 June 2014: DEP responds to Paul Kelley’s Water Level Management Plan). However, Beth Callahan is currently on vacation and won’t return to work until July 11th so official Department review of the document probably won’t start until she returns. Nonetheless I expect to obtain a copy of whatever Kelley submits before then, perhaps tomorrow afternoon or more likely, given the upcoming long holiday weekend, first thing next week. When I get a copy, I’ll post it here.

It remains to be seen if what Kelley submits will be an improvement on the original water level management plan. I have my doubts since all he’s done so far is to thumb his nose at the DEP: why should I expect him start acting responsibly now? In just a little over 3 weeks on July 27th he has to resubmit his Water Level Survey (which was also deemed “unsatisfactory”) and then by August 1st he is supposed to have completed repairs to the dam, and installed a water level gauge. Mr. Kelley is going to have a busy summer.