01 February 2016: Owners, agencies, neighbors in standoff over defective China dam

[dropcap]There[/dropcap] were two interesting articles about dams in the Central Maine Papers (Kennebec Journal, Morning Sentinel) this past weekend, one about the Clary Lake dam auction and another by staff writer Peter McGuire about the ongoing Branch Pond water level saga. There are a lot of similarities between the Branch Pond and Clary Lake situations: both petitions were quite contentious and neither Water Level Order has been implemented by the respective dam owners. Branch Pond received their Water Level Order back in June of 2013.

Branch pond is at the headwaters of the West Branch of the Sheepscot River, it’s a beautiful little pond half in China and half in Palermo (another similarity with Clary Lake). We host a few files for Branch Pond on our website.