01 December 2015: November 2015 Water Level Chart Archived

11 waterlevelchart_November2015I’ve archived the November 2015 water level chart (at left). It is rather unremarkable, I suppose. The dam’s gate remains about 90% closed, or thereabouts. While we received enough rain during the month (2.66″) to bring the lake level up a total of 10.8″ it still fell 3.00″ (at the rate of about 1/4″ per day) over the course of the month because more water than required to supply the minimum flows is being released from the lake (see: Minimum Flows Explained). The net result was that the lake started out the month at 45.60″ below the top of the dam and ended up only 7.8″ higher, at -38.52″ below the top of the dam. While this is an improvement over the abysmal lake level we suffered with all summer, it is still way too low: the lake is currently almost a foot and a half lower than it really should be this time of year, going into freeze up.

DSC_0568DSC_0567And that’s a pretty important foot and a half of water that is still missing, as the pictures at left will show. I took these yesterday. While the channel is now full and the water has overflowed the channel banks some, most of the 300 acres of wetland at the outlet end of Clary Lake is still high and dry.

The only good news to report I suppose is that after a very dry summer and fall, the runoff multiplier is back to something approaching normal (4X) indicating that ground water supplies have been largely replenished from recent rains. That said, we haven’t fully caught up yet. With only 32″ of precipitation to date, we’re still about 7″ below normal and I doubt in the next month we’ll reach the annual average of 44″ for our area.