01 August 2013: Annual Meeting Agenda, 2012 meeting minutes

minutesFinally got around to posting the proposed agenda for the Annual Meeting scheduled for this coming Saturday, August 3rd. I had intended to make them available sooner but I’ve been a little busy this week. We’ll have printed copies available at the meeting. I don’t think in the history of the Association we’ve ever had an agenda that was 2 pages long, as this one is. I blame this on several things. First, legitimately, we’ve got a lot of stuff to discuss and second, I wrote it 🙂

2013 Proposed Annual Meeting Agenda

Also here are the 2012 Annual Meeting minutes… I wasn’t aware that they weren’t on line yet and nobody was clamoring for them anyways. So better late than never and, in keeping with my move towards using Google Docs as a document distribution system, here is a link to the Membership Meeting Minutes folder- I hope others besides Paul Kelley will enjoy perusing these files:

Clary Lake Association Membership Meeting Minutes

David Hodsdon has recently given me a CD with all the Association records from 1997 through 2004. I won’t be posting everything but I will go through the files in my copious spare time and choose some to post. There are also some pictures which I will definitely post.