Clary Lake WebCam2

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Current operating hours: 4:00 AM to 8:58 PM
Check out the Picture Archive (last 7 days) and the Webcam Picture Gallery
(camera video feed now available in real time, see bottom of page for how to connect)

Picture updated every 2 minutes.
Page NO LONGER Automatically Refreshes. Hit Reload to refresh image.
Click on the image (or HERE) to download the uncropped image.
If you’re seeing an old picture, try refreshing the page,
you’re probably looking at a cached image.  If it still doesn’t change,
chances are the web cam isn’t running though it’s a lot more reliable than it used to be. I won’t keep all the pictures forever, but I’ll keep a lot of them for a long time.

November 17, 2015: Real time webcam video feed now available at:
 For access with a browswer:
Username: guest
Password: 123abc

For access with VLC: rtsp://