Clary Lake Association Member List

To see where people are actually located, check out the Clary Lake Parcel Map.
Here is Last Year’s Membership List and here is the Upcoming Year’s Membership List.

Members for the Current 2017/2018 Membership Year

John & Barbara Ahern (2)William & Valerie Albert (2)
Patricia & Rusty Althenn (1)Charlene Andersen (1)
Andrea Antognoni (1)Mary Antognoni (1)
Cheryl Ayer (1)John & Sheila Barnstein (2)
Georgina & Gary Bergendoff (1)Steven Berry (1)
Christina Bishop (1)Albert Boynton (1)
Jeffrey Brann (1)Peter & Diane Brush (1)
Daniel & Dorothy Burns (1)Malcolm C. Burson (1)
Stephanie Chamberlain (1)M. Jane Chase (1)
Tim & Martha Chase (2)Debora A. Connell-Duncan (1)
Steve & Julie Cowles (2)James Croce (1)
Terry Crummett (1)Genie & James Dailey (1)
Beverly D'Urbano (1)William & Janet Donovan (2)
Dana & Lisa Dow (1)Dan & Susan Erlandson (1)
Cheryle & Peter Fasano (1)Colin S. Fergusson (1)
Sara Jean Fergusson (1)George & Margaret Fergusson (2)
Elizabeth Fergusson (1)Kenneth G. Finegan (1)
Jeffrey & Diana French (1)Kelsie L. French (1)
Linda & Rick Gallion (2)Daniel H. Gatz (1)
Roberta Giampetruzzi (1)Steve & Ann Giampetruzzi (1)
Roger Gilbert (1)Baxter Gillette (1)
Leslie Gillette (1)Thomas & Delph Gillette (1)
Mary Gingrow-Shaw (1)Eleanor Goldberg (1)
Lydia S. Grant (1)Dee Ann Grazioso (1)
Erin Grimshaw (1)Tim & Trish Harkins (2)
Mrs. Stacy Herring (1)Gladys Hewett (1)
Logan Higger (1)David S. & Gail A. Hillstrom (2)
Trudi Hodgkins (1)Frances Hodsdon (1)
David & Janette Hodsdon (2)Nora Hoesing (1)
Juliana Hoffman (1)Jack & Ann Holland (1)
Jaclyn Holland (1)Jayson Holland (1)
Joseph Holland (1)Taylor Holland (1)
Rhian Waller & S. Brandon Keller (1)Wynne & Michael Keller (2)
Doug & Eve Kinney (1)David & Gayle Knight (2)
Megan Pratt-Luisi & Richard Luisi (1)Glenn Bruce MacDonald (1)
David & Teresa Magnusen (2)Bill & Sue McKeen (2)
Wyatt Mclarey (1)Jean McWilliams (1)
Bob & Dotti Meyer (2)Lucy & Don Norman (2)
North Whitefield Superette (1)Les & Claudia Page (1)
Melissa Palmer-Karas (1)Joann Tribby & Ellis Percy (1)
Patricia H. Petry (1)Jean & George Phelps (1)
Elnora Pike (1)Kenneth Poole (1)
Frances Potter (1)Michael Potter (1)
Gail Potter Pratt (1)Lee A. & Linda Prager (2)
Larry & Sandra Prescott (2)Ezelda Prescott (1)
Kenneth & Freida Rapp (1)Audrey Relyea (1)
Greg & June Relyea (1)Steven & Adrienne Relyea (2)
Timothy & Brenda Robbins (2)Benjamin Rosso (1)
Edwin A. & Mildred E. Rosso (2)Rob Rowland (1)
Sara Roy (1)Cheryl Ayer & Robert Rubin (1)
Kate & David Seba (1)Ernie Shaw (1)
Lewis A. & Paula P. Shorey (1)Stephen & Mary Lou Smith (2)
Jessie Spector (1)Carol & Peter Stark (1)
Karen Stutzer (1)Joann Tribby (1)
Thomas & Linda Vigue (1)Thomas Vigue (1)
Ned & Brenda Vitalis (1)Stephen Viti (1)
Rhian G. Waller (1)Stanley Whittier (1)
John S. & Darleen A. Williams (1)Arlene & Randy Wing (2)
Total: (140)
Last Update: 05/16/18 02:14 PM by George Fergusson

Progress towards our 2018/2019 Membership goal:

Members as of 07/14/2018

75 / 150


  1. This membership list is generated programmatically and should not contain any errors, assuming the information in our database is correct. If your name is spelled wrong, contact the Secretary!
  2. If you want to see where someone lives or the property they’re generally associated with, look at our Clary Lake Parcel Map.
  3. If it isn’t obvious, the numbers in parenthesis are the number of Memberships paid for. Each Membership entitles the individual to a vote at Membership meetings. Traditionally a family owned property on Clary Lake purchased one Membership and received one vote regardless of the number of owners of that property. Those days are over. Now anyone who supports the purpose of the Association and pays their dues can be a member, and have a vote.
  4. Couples with different last names are invariably given separate records in our database. It hasn’t always been this way but it is now (the only thing causing more confusion are Summer and Winter addresses!). While this means we’ll probably end up sending two mailings out to the same address when one would probably do, frankly, the ease of record keeping far outweighs the extra cost of postage, paper, and ink.
  5. If a couple with different last names only paid for one membership, then only the one who wrote the check will be listed as a member. Sorry! On the bright side however all the couples with different last names have paid for 2 memberships 🙂
  6. If you paid your dues but your name isn’t on the Membership list contact the Secretary! It can take a few days for the above list to get updated so if you JUST signed up, check back in a few days before you panic!
  7. If you want to get your name on the list, visit our Signup or Renew Your Membership On Line page!
  8. If you’re a member but for some reason don’t want your name listed on the website, contact the Secretary.