Branch Pond Association

These Branch Pond Association pages are being hosted by the Clary Lake Association as a service to and a show of support for the Branch Pond Association and their ongoing efforts to protect and preserve Branch Pond. Located at the headwaters of the West Branch of the Sheepscott River, Branch Pond and Clary Lake both contribute to the Sheepscott River watershed. The CLA is not responsible for the content on these pages. Questions about Branch Pond or the Branch Pond Association should be directed to the officers mentiomed below. Thank you.

Branch Pond Association, Inc.

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FINAL Branch Pond Water Level Order issue 06 June 2014

Current Officers:

President/CEO/Assistant Road Commissioner: Michael J. Wozniak, 3 Oakley Estates, South Hadley, MA 01075

Home: (413) 538-9594 Cell: (413) 519-9908 email:

Vice President: Robert Iskra, 104 Woodard Road, West Roxbury, MA 02132


Treasurer/Clerk/Registered Agent:Brandon Kulik

Road Commissioner:Jeff McLaughlin, 15 Washington st., Rockland Me. 207-975-7004

Branch Pond Association, Inc. – Name, Location, and Purpose

This organization shall be known as the Branch Pond Association, Inc., a non-profit, public benefit corporation chartered by the State of Maine. The principal office of the Corporation shall be located at 3 Oakley Estates, South Hadley, Massachusetts, 01075.


The primary purpose of the Branch Pond Association is to serve the public good by working with all stakeholders of Branch Pond and it’s immediately connected watershed to protect, preserve and promote the Pond’s unique ecology, biodiversity and tranquil character for the enjoyment of future generations, while remaining mindful of the Pond’s unique historical and cultural significance to the region as a whole. With this mandate, the Branch Pond Association views other organizations, such as conservation land trusts and other environmentally-minded public organizations, both governmental and private, as important partners, and will seek to work with them whenever the occasion merits. In addition to working directly with State and local agencies and/or private entities in setting water levels and minimum flows, the Branch Pond Association, Inc., strives to maintain the pond’s integrity that also includes shoreline protection, water quality, habitat, recreation, fishery and wildlife resource protection.

 A secondary mission is the maintenance of private ways which allow recreational access to the Pond, so that it may be enjoyed by all members of the public. Particular attention will be paid to the maintenance of Dinsmore Lane in China, as it currently provides Pond access for the greatest number of shorefront landowners.

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