Current Clary Lake Water Level Charts


  • See the Clary Dam Operation Log for current dam weir, gate, and outflow status.
  • As of November 1, 2016 these charts graph inches below the Normal High Water Line which has an official elevation per the Maine Department of Environmental Protection of 151.17′ referenced to the North American Vertical Datum of 1988 (NAVD88). Prior to this date, the charts graphed inches below the top of the dam which has an unofficial elevation of 151.39′ (NAVD88). The difference in elevation between the Top of Dam and the Normal High Water Line is 0.22′ (2.59″).
  • I have not made any changes to the bathymetric analysis used to calculate the Percent Full, Percent Area Loss, and Area values given in the daily narrative as a result of adopting the newly established elevation of the Normal High Water Line. The bathymetric data is based on actual elevations which have not changed; lowering the the Zero point by 0.22′ has not had a significant effect on the published data.
  • The shaded area between 0″ and 24″ (on the left hand scale) is the allowable range for water levels on Clary Lake, depending on the season. The range is from 0″ to 24″ below the Normal High Water Line. At no time is the lake level supposed to fall lower than 2′ below the Normal High Water Line unless drought conditions bring that situation about.
  • There used to be a black line on the charts at -34″ below the top of the dam showing the approximate elevation of the hole in the dam. I’ve removed it because that data may no longer be correct.
  • Here is a chart showing the Clary Lake water level variation from December 2011 to Current Date.
  • Water level charts for all years starting in 2012 have been Archived.
  • Percent Full figure and Acreage based on the following Volume Change and Change in Area charts:

Clary Lake Volume Change

Clary Lake Change in Area





  • Current Transparency and Total Phosphorus Charts:

Clary Transparency

Clary Total Phosphorus