Clary Lake Water Monitoring Data


  1. A Secchi disk reading of less than 2 meters (6.5 feet) is evidence of an algae bloom.
  2. A total phosphorus of greater than 0.015 mg/l indicates a possibility for algae bloom.
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  6. Check out the Near Real-Time Data site for secchi disk readings in Clary and other Maine lakes.
  7. Current Transparency and Total Phosphorus charts:

Clary Transparency

Clary Total Phosphorus


Data for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

#DateSecchi Disk (m)Secchi Disk (ft)Surface Temp(F)Oxygen (mg/l)
Oxygen (mg/l)
-23 feet
Phosphorus (mg/l)Notes
708/08/20121.785.8481.78.81.4algae bloom
808/22/20122.056.73758.50.3algae bloom
909/04/20122.327.6172.77.60.2algae bloom mostly gone
1110/03/20123.6011.8163.59.68.5dead green/blue algae along shore
1205/10/20134.0013.1268.29.04.9water quite clear
1305/31/20133.7312.2464. very clear, Phosphorus sample taken
1406/10/20133.0510.0168.98.72.1Some particulate matter in water
1506/30/20133.0510.0170.78.60.7Data sent to "SECCHI Dip-in for 2013"
1607/19/20132.458.0482.68.10.3Thermocline at 9.8 feet
1707/29/20131.504.9274.58.60.3light algae bloom
1808/12/20132.909.5173. matter on/near surface
2009/18/20134.1013.4566.99.38.6water clear
2204/25/20142.799.1448.410.110.00.017water cloudy, high winds last 24 hrs
2305/09/20143.1510.3356.510.111.0water relatively clear
2606/21/20143.1310.2769.48.30.3Nice Day
2807/18/20143.2510.6676.68.40.2Nice Day
2908/01/20141.805.9075.48.40.1Algae bloom evident
3008/16/20142.006.5672. sample taken; bloom still evident
3109/01/20142.598.5075.48.30.4Evidence of floating dead algae
3209/12/20142.859.3570.57.60.3Quality much improved
3309/26/20143.1710.4062.89.58.2Pretty clear
3410/11/20143.009.8459.79.08.6Phosphorus sample taken
3504/30/20153.4011.1548.611.611.10.014Phosphorus sample taken
3605/14/20154.1613.6459.910.27.0Very clear
3706/13/20153.3711.0571.18.94.6DO meter intermittent errors
3907/10/20152.508.2076.39.60.7Very Murky.
4007/24/20151.956.4074. sample taken
4108/09/20152.618.5675.78.50.1Noticeably clearer
4409/18/20153.5111.5174.38.33.0Getting cloudy
4510/02/20153.0510.0062.28.68.5Uniform Temp & O2
4610/16/20153.3010.8257. sample taken
4705/20/20164.1013.4560.410.27.60.022Phosphorus sample taken; very clear
4806/03/20163.6511.9768.78.61.4Clarity falling off
4906/17/20164.3514.2766.79.45.7A lot of suspended particles (pollen?)
5007/01/20164.0513.2863.18.4-DO meter intermittent errors
5107/03/20163.7012.1473.88.20.3Changed DO meter electrolyte
5207/15/20163.4411.2877. Sample taken
5408/12/20162.427.9477.28.30.2Evidence of blue green algae
5508/26/20163.6511.9776.38.00.3Much clearer than 2 weeks ago
5609/09/20163.7712.3774.38.40.5Still pretty clear
5709/23/20164.2013.7870.58.35.8Very clear
5810/07/20164.4414.5661. clear; phosphorus sample taken
5910/23/20164.2213.8457.79.69.4Cold, windy. Last data collection for 2016
6005/12/20173.4011.1554.; Phosphorus sample taken
6206/09/20173.1010.1765.59.35.5Light rain
6306/22/20173.1010.1773.48.60.6Very Windy
6507/21/20173.5011.4877.77.80.6Distinct thermocline at 4 meters
6608/04/20173.6111.8477. sample taken
6708/18/20173.1010.1773.98.60.8Still pretty clear
6809/01/20173.7512.3068.59.17.7VERY WINDY
6909/15/20173.6511.9772.78.74.9Still pretty clear
7010/01/20173.9512.9666. sample taken
7204/27/20183.9512.9649.811.310.80.014Tp Sample taken
7305/12/20183.7512.3059.510.27.1High winds yesterday might have caused turbidity
7506/08/20183.2510.6664.99.60.3Lots of suspended particles
7606/22/20184.0013.1273.08.40.5Very Clear! No doubt due to lack of rain
The above data represents a subset of water quality data collected by Clary Lake volunteer water quality monitors in conjunction with the Maine VLMP.


This page will be updated periodically as more data becomes available. Our water quality monitors typically gather data every 2 weeks from early spring until late fall. As time permits we’ll make older archived data available.