17 October 2018 Lincoln County News: Clary Lake Association Closes on Dam, Plans Repairs

There is a follow up article in the Lincoln County News in this week’s paper by staff writer Jessica Clifford. The only factual inaccuracy that jumps out at me is the article states “The association received the deed to the dam Friday, Oct. 12.” when in fact, the closing on the dam was the following Saturday morning:

Clary Lake Association Closes on Dam, Plans Repairs

Good article, though I had hoped they would publish our mailing address and website address and encourage people to donate money to help restore Clary Lake! It is after all a Great Pond, held in trust for the People of the State of Maine. It’s everyone’s lake. No worries, anyone interested in donating shouldn’t have any trouble finding us.

I’ll post a link to a locally archived copy in a while.

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